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picture of anchor and slider

The slider and tether remain on the anchor at all times. In normal use, the slider rests against the anchor shackle and the tether attaches the slider to the crown of the anchor. They do not interfere with routine anchoring operations.




When the anchor becomes fouled, the retriever is attached to the anchor rode at the bow and, with a retriever line attached, is lowered to the slider.




When the retriever reaches the slider, it engages the slider and they become as one.



Once the retriever and slider are connected, the anchor rode is slackened and an upward pull is applied to the retriever line. As the retriever/slider pair starts to move up the anchor rode, the tether begins to apply a lifting force to the crown of the anchor.

Note that the anchor and rode remain connected.




Continued pulling on the retriever line transfers all of the pull to the crown of the anchor and the fouled anchor is backed out of the obstruction.




Once the anchor is free of the obstruction, lift is returned to the anchor rode and the anchor is brought to the surface in the usual manner. When the anchor is insight, the retriever can be disengaged from the slider and the anchor brought on board.